The AI SHOWDOWN That’s Shaking Up the World, You Need To See This

The Biden administration is creating an executive order to prevent China from dominating artificial intelligence (AI) and other technology-related investments, such as semiconductors and quantum computing.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has accused the US of pursuing selfish interests using economic coercion and sci-tech bullying, in a move that undermines the international economic and trading order, disrupts and destabilizes global industrial and supply chains, and hurts the interests of the whole world.

The US is expected to launch the initiative at a mid-May meeting of the Group of Seven Nations in Japan, which China is firmly opposed to, claiming that the US’s true intention is to take away the right to development from China and maintain US supremacy.

This situation would raise tensions between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, leading to a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan. The US military must keep pace with China’s military and be in a position to assist in the defense of Taiwan.

Many experts are increasingly worried that China may advance an AI system that exhibits the core values of the Communist Chinese Party, such as avoiding criticism of the party. The preferred outcome is a democratic AI standard.

Source Fox News