The Curious Case Of Biden’s Billion-Dollar Network

President Biden’s 2024 campaign has found itself entangled in a puzzling web of undisclosed donations from the Future Forward PAC. Promoted as the primary external supporter, the PAC claimed an impressive $50 million raised this year alone. However, closer inspection reveals that this money might be hidden away in the associated dark money nonprofit, Future Forward USA Action.

During the first half of the year, the Future Forward PAC reported a mere $67,000 in contributions, which mainly came from a vendor refund and in-kind donations. The dark money nonprofit, known for shielding its donors, has previously transferred vast sums to the PAC for electoral activities, potentially giving a significant boost to Biden’s campaign from anonymous sources.

Ironically, Biden, who once expressed concern about the corrosive effects of dark money on public trust, now finds his campaign fueled by millions in such funds. This glaring political hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed by the American people.

Adding complexity to the situation, the involvement of the Arabella Advisors consulting firm further shrouds the source of funds, making it difficult to trace the original donors.

In the previous presidential cycle, the Impetus Fund, another dark money group, funneled an astonishing $55.8 million to Future Forward USA Action, as disclosed in tax documents.

All of these revelations leave us questioning the origin of these significant anonymous contributions that could influence President Biden’s potential re-election. As conservative voters, we demand transparency and fairness in our elections, free from the influence of undisclosed donors.

Let us unravel this dark money conundrum and bring the truth to light, ensuring accountability in our democratic process.

Source Fox News