The Disturbing Truth Behind This New Biden Scandal, Get Ready for This Jaw-Dropping Revelation

The Biden administration has struck again, this time with the designation of the Avi Kwa Ame National Monument in Nevada, which has angered the Nevada governor and residents of the state.

This monument will negatively impact residents for generations, and Governor Lombardo has criticized the Biden administration for not consulting with his administration about the details of the proposed monument.

The newly-minted national monument is located near multiple national wilderness areas, including the Mojave Desert, and is home to significant mineral reserves and land where energy developers have proposed large renewable energy projects.

Nevada contains massive deposits of lithium, a key mineral for green energy technologies like electric vehicle batteries.

This kind of overreach policy from the Biden administration might win plaudits from unaccountable special interests, but it’s going to cost our state jobs and economic opportunity – all while making land more expensive and more difficult to develop for affordable housing and critical infrastructure projects.

The federal confiscation of 506,814 acres of Nevada land is a historic mistake that will cost Nevadans for generations to come.

The administration has failed to understand the impact of its policies on the residents of Nevada and the energy industry.

It is clear that this administration is not concerned about the impact of its policies on the American people, and it’s time for Republicans to stand up and fight back against this overreach.

Our producers can’t do their jobs when they face roadblocks from this administration at every turn. Global energy demands are increasing, and someone must rise to meet them. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be us.