The Empty Chair At Today’s Energy Hearing Sends A Silent Message, That Has Everyone Talking

Hey there, future leaders of America! Today, we’re diving into a story that will give you a glimpse into the world of politics and how transparency, or the lack thereof, can make a significant impact. So, let’s get started!

Picture this: a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing titled “Growing the Domestic Energy Sector Supply Chain and Manufacturing Base: Are Federal Efforts Working?” It’s an important gathering where elected representatives aim to ask tough questions and hold the Biden administration accountable.

But guess what? One seat remains empty. Why? David Howell, a top official in the Department of Energy, declined to appear. It’s almost like playing a game of hide-and-seek!

Now, you might wonder why this matters. Well, transparency is the key to good governance. When our leaders refuse to show up and answer our questions, it raises some serious red flags. How can we trust them if they won’t be open and honest with us?

But that’s not all. There’s a grant involved, too! The Department of Energy awarded a whopping $200 million to a company called Microvast. Sounds impressive, right? Well, hold on.

Turns out, this company has some close ties to China. And you know what that means—potential interference from a foreign government.

Thankfully, the grant was eventually canceled. But why did it take so long? Why did it require relentless pressure from Republican leaders to make it happen? These are the questions we need answers to!

Now, here’s the lesson for today, my 12th-grade friends: transparency matters. As future leaders, you’ll have the power to hold our elected officials accountable. You have the right to demand answers and expect openness. Remember, it’s your future they’re shaping.

So, the next time you hear someone talking about the importance of transparency in politics, you’ll know why it matters. It’s not just a buzzword—it’s the foundation of trust and good governance.

Stay engaged, stay informed, and always ask tough questions. Because when it comes to leadership, transparency is the key that unlocks a brighter future for all of us. Keep shining, 12th graders!

Source Fox News