The Latest Approval Ratings Reveal Something SHOCKING About a Key Player

Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit an all-time low of 36%, according to a new poll from The Washington Post/ABC News. This sudden drop in support can be attributed to growing concerns about his mental sharpness and physical health.

Even Democrats are starting to question if Biden is up for the job of leading this country. And with Donald Trump still incredibly popular among Republican voters, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Democrats are in trouble.

The mainstream media might try to downplay these concerns, but the truth is that Joe Biden is not up to the task of leading this country. His handlers keep him shielded from the press, and his light schedule and weekends spent in Delaware only reinforce the view that he can’t handle the demands of the job.

Meanwhile, 44% of voting-age adults say they would definitely or probably vote for Donald Trump in 2024, while only 38% say the same about Biden. This is a wake-up call for Democrats who thought they could easily win another term with Biden at the helm.

It’s time for Republicans to take advantage of this opportunity. We need to remind Americans that Donald Trump was one of the most successful presidents in recent history and that he could do it again if given the chance.

We need to keep pushing back against the mainstream media’s narrative and make sure that the American people hear the truth about Joe Biden’s fitness for office.

Source Fox News