The Political Game-Changer North Carolina Didn’t See Coming

First Lady Jill Biden was reportedly delighted by LSU’s victory over Iowa in the women’s basketball national championship game on Sunday. Speaking at the Colorado state capitol in Denver, Biden praised Iowa’s sportsmanship and said that she hoped to invite both teams to the White House.

Biden’s announcement was met with mixed reactions on social media, with some criticizing her for inviting both teams despite LSU’s victory. However, Biden’s comments are in line with tradition, as the White House typically invites the champions of major sporting events to celebrate their victory.

The Tigers’ victory is historic, marking the first time that LSU has won a national title in women’s basketball. It is also a significant moment for women’s sports, as the game was watched by millions of people around the world.

Biden’s support for women’s sports has been well documented, with the first lady often attending games and events to show her support. Her invitation to both teams is likely to be seen as a positive step for women’s sports and could help to raise the profile of the sport.