The SENATE Shakeup That’s Turning Heads, You’ll Be Shocked

Several Republican senators have joined their Democratic colleagues in advancing President Joe Biden’s nominees for lifetime appointments to federal courts, despite the absence of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

Nominees receiving assistance from GOP senators include Jeffrey Cummings, LaShonda Hunt, Orelia Merchant, Michael Farbiarz, Robert Kirsch, Monica Almadani, and Wesley Hsu.


Despite Republican control in the Senate, Democrats hold a majority in the Judiciary panel, giving them the ability to advance nominees with Republican support.
The absence of Senator Feinstein due to her battle with shingles has led to Ranking Member Lindsey Graham blocking her temporary replacement.
The move to advance Biden’s nominees with Republican support is a rare departure from the party line.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell supports “mainstream and qualified” nominees but argues that Democrats are unable to push through “extreme and unqualified” nominees without Republican support.


While it is unusual to see Republican senators crossing the aisle to support Democratic nominees, this move is not entirely unexpected given the current political climate.

With Democrats in control of the Senate, they have the power to advance nominees with Republican support, and it seems that some Republicans are willing to work across the aisle on certain issues.

However, the absence of Senator Feinstein and the blocking of her temporary replacement by Senator Graham highlights the ongoing tensions between the two parties.

While Senator McConnell has expressed support for qualified nominees, he also maintains that Democrats cannot push through extreme nominees without Republican support.

Ultimately, this move by Republican senators to support Biden’s nominees may not sit well with the party’s base, but it does signal a willingness to work towards bipartisan solutions.