The shocking truth behind a top health official’s actions

In a riveting Fox News exclusive, the Biden administration faces a firestorm as GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik takes the reins, demanding the ousting of a federal health official linked to New York’s catastrophic nursing home policy.

Howard Zucker, the current Deputy Director for Global Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), stepped into his role in January 2021. However, it’s no secret that Zucker’s past holds shadows; he resigned as New York State health commissioner roughly a year and a half prior to his current appointment, facing allegations of obscuring nursing home deaths during the pandemic.

Stefanik, a fierce crusader for accountability, pulls no punches as she calls for action. Zucker, in her eyes, is nothing short of a “Cuomo henchman,” carrying responsibility for the heart-wrenching loss of countless New York seniors. According to her, Zucker played a pivotal part in the “criminal corruption scandal and coverup” that cost lives unnecessarily.

This clarion call finds resonance with other New York Republicans, who share deep-seated apprehensions about Zucker’s actions during the pandemic. Rep. Nick LaLota underlines Zucker’s decisions as the cause of thousands of New Yorkers in nursing homes losing their lives, stressing the imperative to hold him responsible.

Rep. Mike Lawler, with fervor, accuses Zucker of hoodwinking New Yorkers during the pandemic and urges President Biden to act promptly in severing Zucker’s ties to the CDC.

During the pandemic’s apex in 2020, New York’s Health Department, under Zucker’s watch, implemented a policy sending COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes after hospitalization. Critics contend that this move fuelled the surge in virus cases in the state, though Cuomo’s officials refuted the claim.

Given the gravity of this situation, we, as conservatives, must unite in our fervent call for accountability and justice for the families who tragically lost their loved ones due to this policy. President Biden must act decisively and remove Howard Zucker from his position at the CDC.

Let us continue to be vigilant, standing for truth and the welfare of our fellow Americans. Follow Fox News for further updates on this developing story.

Source Fox News