The Surprising Reason Democrats Might Lose Big on Trump’s Scandal

As a conservative opinion writer, I find it intriguing to watch Democrats potentially repeating history’s mistakes by targeting former President Donald Trump over the Stormy Daniels affair.

“Real Time” host Bill Maher recently warned Democrats of the dangers of seeking Trump’s indictment over the Stormy Daniels scandal, comparing it to former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment due to his involvement with Monica Lewinsky.

Despite the scandal, Clinton’s approval rating remained high at 73%, suggesting that attacking a president over a sex scandal is not an effective strategy.

Maher emphasized that millennials, who form a large portion of the electorate, are largely uninformed and uninterested in the Clinton scandal. He argued that sex scandals don’t work against presidents, as the public is more captivated by the scandalous details than the legal consequences.

Additionally, Maher pointed out that the media is already expressing doubts about the strength of the case against Trump, indicating that Democrats might not achieve the outcome they desire.

The HBO host also discussed the similarities and differences between the Clinton and Trump cases. While Clinton was in office and his case focused on DNA evidence, Trump is no longer in office, and his case is based on a nondisclosure agreement.

However, both men faced public scrutiny over their personal lives and the impact of their actions on their families.

Maher voiced disappointment with the Democrats’ choice to go after Trump on the Stormy Daniels case, arguing that there are more severe crimes that Trump has committed, often openly.

The former president has obstructed justice, pressured state election officials, sought foreign interference in elections, sided with enemies, and incited insurrection, according to Maher.

Although the liberal host recognized the satisfaction of seeing Trump brought to court, he cautioned Democrats against becoming overconfident. Concentrating on the Stormy Daniels case may undermine their chances of holding Trump accountable for more significant offenses.

If more serious charges are eventually brought against Trump, the public may have grown accustomed to seeing him in court, reducing the impact.

In summary, Bill Maher’s observations serve as a critical reminder for Democrats eager to take down Trump.

Focusing on the Stormy Daniels scandal could prove to be a strategic blunder, ultimately impeding their efforts to hold him accountable for more serious misconduct.

Instead, they should prioritize addressing the more severe offenses that occurred during his presidency, ensuring that justice is upheld.