The Trump’s Surprising Reaction to Legal Troubles Uncovered

Despite the shock of the news of former President Donald Trump’s indictment, he and his wife Melania Trump continued with their social schedule and behaved as though things were normal. This was reported by Gina Loudon, a Trump adviser who was present at the event.

Loudon tweeted about the beautiful evening at Mar-a-Lago and how the couple was enveloped in the love of their friends and supporters. She took a jab at the media, saying that they would never know this kind of happiness.

While many may have expected the Trumps to be affected by the news, they have faced adversity before and come out on top. They continue to live their lives as they always have, despite the drama that surrounds them.

It remains to be seen how this legal battle will play out, but for now, the Trumps are living their lives as they always have.