The Unexpected Leak That’s Rocking the Biden Administration, That Will Leave You Speechless

House Republicans Investigate Biden Administration’s Handling of Fossil Fuel Leasing Practices

The Republican leaders of two key House committees have launched a probe into the Biden administration’s handling of fossil fuel leasing practices after a leaked “energy security” memo. The memo, written by former Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Director Amanda Lefton, recommended charging energy companies a royalty rate of 18.75%, the highest allowable rate under the law, for a large oil and gas lease sale in Alaska. However, the memo also acknowledged that charging a lower rate would likely “offer greater energy security,” but would not correctly account for climate change.

The Republicans have criticized the Department of Interior’s oil and gas leasing delays and Laura Daniel-Davis’ recent memo that prioritized climate considerations over energy security.

They have accused the Biden administration of obstructing America’s energy producers in an effort to force a radical Green New Deal agenda on the American people, and of contributing to the ongoing energy crisis that threatens America’s national security, discourages future investment, and causes lasting damage to the economy.

The Republicans have demanded greater congressional oversight of the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, accusing them of actively contributing to Biden’s ongoing energy crisis.

They believe that the administration’s misguided policies are causing harm to the American people and that it’s time for the administration to prioritize economic development and American energy security.