The Unseen Side of Hunter Biden’s Controversial Affairs, You Need To See This

Joe Biden’s repeated claims that he never discussed with Hunter his overseas business dealings, let alone with his partners, is belied by indisputable evidence that has grown exponentially over time. Recently, records uncovered by Fox News showed that Hunter’s associates in his suspected influence-peddling schemes frequented the White House more than 80 times when his father was vice president.

Authenticated emails confirm that Joe Biden attended numerous meetings and dinners with many of Hunter’s foreign investors and business partners. Photographs corroborate it, and there are messages thanking Hunter for arranging meetings with his dad.

The two flew aboard Air Force Two together to China, where Joe met with his son’s business cohorts. Just days later, Hunter cemented a lucrative venture with a Beijing investment firm, BHR Partners.

Several of the Biden enrichment schemes are revealed in a well-documented U.S. Senate report that constitutes a damning indictment of corruption. The 87 pages are chock-full of stunning details involving not just Ukraine and China, but Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Oman.

Hunter’s former partner, Tony Bobulinski, has publicly confirmed that Joe was the “big guy.” Indeed, Bobulinski says he met personally with Joe Biden to discuss the “family” project that was expected to net billions of dollars in Chinese contracts.

However, he was cautioned in one edict, “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u (sic) are face to face, I know u (sic) know that but they are paranoid.”

It is no coincidence that Hunter’s illicit schemes revolve around countries where his father was in charge of U.S. foreign policy directives during his eight years in the Obama administration. Given Hunter’s exceptional talent as a con artist, there may be other schemes that have not yet been uncovered.

The evidence suggests that Joe Biden was complicit in his son’s shady multimillion-dollar influence-peddling operations. The entwining of Biden’s finances with foreign adversaries raises grave concerns about national security, counterintelligence, and the potential extortion of our current president.