The Unseen Side of the Bidens, You’ll Be Surprised By Who Unveils It

Podcaster Joe Rogan recently spoke with mixed martial artist Jorge Masvidal about the Biden family’s scandals being ignored by the same political establishment targeting former President Trump.

During the interview, Masvidal praised Trump amid his legal battles, stating that the institutions targeting him are proof he defies the establishment.

“That’s how you know that he’s doing something right, the one dude that’s fighting for us, that’s actually for the people, they want to crucify him,” Masvidal said.

Rogan added that Biden is “so old and so compromised,” and questioned his political past, suggesting he “was never an impressive guy.”

Rogan claimed that Biden “lied a lot about his record and his education background, he lied about a bunch of things.” He slammed Biden as a “goofy old politician” who has “been in that lying business forever.”

Masvidal responded by recounting the China money that Biden’s family has been receiving for years, alleging that he hooked up his son with the money.

He also mentioned the computer scandal, which Biden denied, even though there was evidence on the internet. The interviewers both agreed that these scandals were being ignored by the media, despite their gravity.

Biden’s scandals have been a topic of discussion among his detractors, who have criticized his policies and his family’s business dealings. Rogan’s comments are part of a larger conversation about the current state of American politics and the role of the media in shaping public opinion.

With Biden’s approval rating on the decline, it remains to be seen how these scandals will affect his presidency and his chances of reelection.