Top Democrat GIVES Biden The Weirdest Praise Possible

In an unexpected turn of events, a top progressive Democrat has praised President Biden as America’s most progressive president in years.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, revealed that despite not supporting Biden in the primaries, she is pleased with the strong partnership that the CPC has formed with the President.

Jayapal emphasized the importance of working with progressives, saying that it would be political insanity not to do so. She also noted that the White House has been respectful of the CPC’s power and ideas, and that Biden himself believes in what he’s pushing.

While the CPC and the White House may not always agree, Jayapal believes that Biden understands the need to have progressives in order to build a coalition and win elections.

The Chief of Staff, Jeff Zients, has already reached out to arrange a meeting with the caucus, indicating that the CPC will be working closely with the White House to push through executive orders.

It remains to be seen how much influence progressives will ultimately have in shaping the Biden administration’s policy agenda, but Jayapal’s comments suggest that they will continue to be an important force within the Democratic Party.