Trump’s Legal Drama Brings Biden’s Failures to Light, You Won’t Guess What

Joe Biden’s presidency has been nothing short of a disaster for America. From rising gasoline prices to the alleged influence peddling of the Biden family, it’s clear that Biden is unfit to lead. The media’s fixation on the indictment of Donald Trump has distracted the public from these critical issues that are affecting our daily lives.

The Leftist’s latest attempt to attack Trump is nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt. The Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, is trying to spin a misdemeanor on which the statute of limitations has expired into a felony. Bragg is just another progressive hack looking for media attention, but why is the media so fixated on the indictment of Donald Trump?

It’s time for the American people to demand accountability from their leaders and to make their voices heard. We cannot let the media’s obsession with Trump distract us from these critical issues.