UNBELIEVABLE: Dems Back Biden’s Silence on Hawaii Disaster – Their Excuse Will Make Your Head TURN

As the horrifying fire continues to wreak havoc in Hawaii, President Biden’s silence on the disaster is a glaring hypocrisy that leaves many Americans speechless. Despite Democratic strategists insisting he’s a “nice person,” his lack of acknowledgment of the crisis exposes a shocking disconnect.

In the face of tragedy, leaders are expected to offer words of comfort, assurance, and support. Yet, President Biden has failed to provide any of these things, leaving many to question his compassion and understanding.

The Democrats’ defense that his words “don’t matter” is not only disingenuous but also dismissive of the importance of leadership. Words are powerful tools that can inspire hope and unity in times of crisis.

By ignoring the suffering in Hawaii, President Biden has revealed a profound lack of empathy and compassion. His Democratic strategists may insist that he’s a “nice person,” but his silence tells a different story.

The notion that “words don’t matter” is a hypocritical stance that undermines the role of a leader and the responsibility that comes with holding the highest office in the land. The American people deserve better than silence and hypocrisy. They deserve a President who understands the power of words and the importance of compassion.

Source Fox news