When Conservatives Joke, GUESS Who Gets Upset? This Is A Easy Guess

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of “The View,” recently expressed outrage over a joke made by former Vice President Mike Pence about Pete Buttigieg’s “maternity leave.”

This comes as Pence is rumored to be considering a presidential run and facing requests to testify against former President Donald Trump.


Goldberg takes issue with Pence’s joke, previously told by conservatives. The incident occurs during the annual Gridiron Club Dinner in Washington.

Pence is speculated to seek the Republican presidential nomination. Trump files a motion to prevent Pence from testifying before a grand jury. Legal experts suggest Trump may have caught a break in the Georgia election tampering investigation.


As a conservative opinion writer, it’s frustrating to witness the blatant hypocrisy displayed by liberals like Whoopi Goldberg.

The left often takes offense at conservative humor, while ignoring similar jokes made by their own.

This incident highlights their double standards and the relentless attacks on Republican figures.

Source https://conservativebrief.com/expense-71644/