When You Thought Biden’s Policies COULDN’T Get Worse

The fentanyl crisis has been a growing problem in the United States, and President Joe Biden made it a key issue during his campaign. However, a recent report shows that the Biden administration has failed to address this crisis effectively. While the president promised to take action against the production and distribution of fentanyl, little has been done to combat this issue.

The administration’s plan included targeting China and Mexico, two countries that have been identified as sources of fentanyl. However, there has been little progress made in enforcing sanctions against international actors involved in the drug trade, and there has been a lack of cooperation with Mexican authorities to disrupt the movement of heroin and fentanyl across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Washington Post recently published a report highlighting the failure of the United States to properly address the fentanyl crisis over the course of several presidential administrations. While it is not entirely fair to blame the Biden administration for the problem, the lack of progress on his campaign promises is concerning.

One of the primary issues with the administration’s approach to the crisis is the lack of action taken to address the influx of drugs across the southern border.

While border patrol agents are preoccupied with handling illegal immigration, drug cartels are able to smuggle fentanyl and its precursor ingredients across the border undetected. This has resulted in an overwhelming number of overdoses and deaths in the United States.

Another problem with the administration’s approach is the lack of a coherent foreign policy regarding China. The Chinese government has not been held accountable for the actions of their drug and chemical manufacturers, who continue to sell these products to Mexican cartels. Biden’s administration has been unable to come up with a plan to address this issue effectively.

The administration’s failure to address the fentanyl crisis is a concerning issue for American citizens who have been affected by this epidemic.

While there are activist groups working to find solutions to the problem, the Biden administration has been preoccupied with other issues such as Ukraine and environmentalism.

However, addressing the fentanyl crisis should be a top priority for the president, and he needs to take swift action to combat this growing problem.