White House SHOOTS DOWN Critics Over Biden’s Hawaii Stance – You’ll Be Amazed at Their Response

In a surprising turn of events, the White House has come to the defense of President Biden’s ‘no comment’ response to the situation in Hawaii. The situation is serious, and the President’s silence has left many conservatives feeling abandoned and betrayed.

The White House’s defense of this silence is unexpected and has left many conservatives scratching their heads. They argue that the President’s ‘no comment’ response is a sign of weakness and indecision. The administration’s defense, claiming that the silence is a strategic move, is seen by many as a poor excuse.

Critics are calling for clear and decisive action, not vague and ambiguous statements. The White House’s response has only added to the frustration and disappointment felt by many conservatives.

The unexpected defense by the White House is a clear indication of the administration’s failure to understand the gravity of the situation. The situation in Hawaii requires strong leadership, and the President’s ‘no comment’ response is simply not good enough.

Source Fox news