Who Is the Unexpected Face Reigniting the Border Wall Debate

EAGLE PASS, Texas – Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor known for his unwavering commitment to conservative principles, recently unveiled a comprehensive border security plan aimed at safeguarding our nation. The event, held in Texas, attracted passionate Republican voters who share DeSantis’s concerns about illegal immigration and the detrimental influence of drug cartels.

DeSantis left no room for doubt about his determination to take action, boldly declaring, “On Jan. 20, 2025, we will launch a comprehensive mission to stop the invasion at our southern border, combat the drug cartels poisoning our citizens, build the border wall, and restore our nation’s sovereignty. We are done with empty promises and catchy slogans. It’s time to get things done. No excuses. We will deliver results.”

Addressing the current lack of control over our own territory, DeSantis passionately criticized the Biden administration for its negligence and intentional failures at the border. He described the control exerted by Mexican drug cartels over our border as a disgrace and a horrific situation that demands immediate action.

DeSantis pledged that if elected President, he would declare a national emergency on his first day in office, signaling his unwavering commitment to addressing the border crisis. His comprehensive plan includes the construction of the border wall, holding drug cartels accountable, and collaborating with states to enforce the rule of law.

Restoring the rule of law stands as a central pillar of DeSantis’s vision. He emphasized that if the federal government fails to fulfill its responsibilities, the states should be empowered to take action and repatriate individuals.

The surge in border crossings and the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis have intensified concerns among Republican voters. DeSantis’s strong stance on border security resonates with those who believe in the importance of preserving our nation’s sovereignty.

During his tenure as Florida Governor, DeSantis has already taken significant steps to address illegal immigration. He signed an anti-illegal immigration bill mandating the use of E-Verify by employers, increasing penalties for human and drug smuggling, and prohibiting local jurisdictions from issuing IDs to illegal immigrants.

DeSantis’s innovative program to relocate illegal immigrants to states such as Massachusetts and California has received a $24 million funding boost, demonstrating his commitment to finding practical solutions.

Furthermore, DeSantis has responded to requests for assistance from other states by deploying law enforcement personnel, including National Guard troops, and utilizing drones and other resources at the border.

The event in Eagle Pass, Texas, highlighted the urgency of the border crisis, as this area has experienced a high volume of migrant traffic. In May alone, there were over 204,000 encounters at the border, underscoring the magnitude of the challenge.

DeSantis outlined specific measures in his plan, including ending catch-and-release policies. Under his administration, individuals crossing the border illegally will be detained until their hearing date. He also intends to reimpose the Remain in Mexico policy, ensuring that asylum seekers at port entries do not enter the United States until their claims are processed.

Although trailing in the GOP presidential nomination polls, DeSantis’s commitment to border security and addressing the issue of illegal immigration has garnered significant support. Republican voters are drawn to his determination to take decisive action and protect our nation from the invasion at the southern border.

DeSantis’s resolute words reflect his unwavering dedication, “As president, I will declare a national emergency on day one and will not rest until we build the wall, shut down illegal entry, and win the war against drug cartels. No excuses. We will get it done.”

Source Fox News