Who’s Taking on CNN This Time, You’ll Want to Read This Breaking News

Elon Musk has blasted CNN for publishing an analysis that claims to post a GIF or meme featuring a black person is a form of racism.

According to the report, if you’re white and you’ve posted such an image, you may be guilty of wearing ‘digital blackface.’ Musk and other Twitter users have responded with criticism of the network and its claims.


The left’s obsession with identity politics is becoming increasingly divisive.
Accusations of racism should not be made lightly and should not be used to shame people into silence.

It’s important to focus on real issues facing our country rather than getting bogged down in meaningless debates about identity politics.


CNN’s claims that posting a GIF or meme featuring a black person is a form of racism are ridiculous and divisive.

These accusations should not be made lightly, and labeling something as racist without evidence is dangerous.

This kind of rhetoric only serves to further divide us as a society and distract us from the real problems that need to be addressed.

It’s time to reject this kind of divisive identity politics and start focusing on what really matters – building a stronger, more united America that works for all of its citizens.

Source https://conservativebrief.com/musk-gets-71975/