Why Is This Eternal Flame Causing Such An UPROAR?, You Need To See This

The St. Francis Catholic hospital system in Oklahoma recently faced a challenge from the Biden administration over the presence of eternal flames in their chapels.

The government threatened to revoke their accreditation for Medicaid and Medicare if they did not remove the flames, which are a central part of their religious worship.

St. Francis refused to back down, citing their First Amendment rights and religious beliefs, and threatened litigation if the government did not withdraw their demand. The government eventually relented and allowed St. Francis to keep the flames burning in their chapels.

This victory is a testament to the importance of religious liberty and the resolve of St. Francis to defend their faith.

The eternal flames are a symbol of the presence of Christ and are a crucial aspect of their worship, and to ask them to remove them would be a violation of their religious rights.

The Biden administration should take note that they cannot trample on the rights of religious institutions without facing consequences.

Source Fox News