Yet Another Attempt to Protect U.S. Interests, You’ll Never Guess Who

In a groundbreaking move, a bipartisan bill was introduced in the House of Representatives on Wednesday to safeguard American farmland from foreign adversaries, particularly China. This critical step signifies a unified front against the growing threat posed by China and demonstrates the shared concerns of Republicans and Democrats about the economic investments made by hostile nations.

The legislation, spearheaded by Rep. Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA officer from Virginia, emphasizes the need for thoughtful decision-making regarding economic engagements. Rep. Spanberger, a key figure in this effort, stated, “I want to make sure we’re protecting American agriculture from our adversaries.”

This sentiment resonates deeply with patriotic Americans who understand the significance of safeguarding our nation’s vital resources.

Joining Rep. Spanberger in this crucial endeavor is Rep. Dale Strong from Alabama, who represents the Republican side. Additionally, a companion bill has been introduced in the Senate by three Republican senators and Senator Jon Tester, a Democrat from Montana. This bipartisan show of unity serves as a resounding message that foreign ownership of U.S. agricultural land, whether by China, Iran, North Korea, or Russia, is seen as a mounting threat by Congress.

This bipartisan legislation not only aims to prevent the acquisition of U.S. farmland by entities linked to the Chinese Communist Party but also extends to similar purchases from other oppressive regimes. It seeks to block these actors from participating in specific programs directed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. By doing so, it ensures that our food and fiber market remains secure, impervious to the manipulative influence of our adversaries.

The urgency behind this bill is underpinned by alarming statistics. A Congressional Research Service report disclosed that approximately 1% of foreign-owned U.S. agricultural land had already fallen into China’s hands by the end of 2021, amounting to a staggering 383,935 acres. Furthermore, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack informed Congress that, as of 2021, Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia collectively owned 400,000 acres of American farmland.

Unquestionably, these numbers illustrate a dire situation, demanding immediate action. The proposed legislation aims to close the existing loopholes that hinder accurate tracking of foreign ownership of U.S. farmland.

It is essential to halt Beijing-backed companies’ attempts to acquire farmland near sensitive military bases, a matter that Rep. Spanberger, with her background in national security, finds particularly concerning.

Beyond national security implications, the economic repercussions of these purchases cannot be ignored. Rep. Spanberger highlights the significance of agriculture in her home state of Virginia, where it serves as the number one private industry.

Any large-scale purchase of farmland by a foreign entity, especially the Chinese Communist Party, could have profound consequences, potentially disrupting the economy and posing a significant challenge.

In conclusion, this bipartisan bill stands as a testament to the united front Republicans and Democrats present against China’s growing threat. By safeguarding American farmland from foreign adversaries, particularly China, Congress takes a crucial step toward securing our nation’s resources and protecting our national interest.

It is a proactive measure that ensures the strength and stability of our economy and sends a clear message that our adversaries will not interfere with our food and fiber market.

Source Fox News