Yet Another Biden BLUNDER, Guess Who Was Caught Using Cheat Sheets

President Biden’s reliance on cheat sheets during press conferences is becoming a concerning pattern. The recent incident where he was caught with a pre-written question and a pronunciation breakdown of a reporter’s name is not the first time he has used cheat sheets.

In fact, in March 2022, he displayed a list of prepared answers during a White House news briefing, and in June, reporters captured a cheat sheet at a White House meeting with cabinet members detailing specific instructions for the president.

These incidents have raised concerns about President Biden’s mental acuity and his ability to lead the country.

The American people deserve a president who can think on his feet and answer questions without relying on pre-written answers. Relying on cheat sheets gives the impression that he cannot handle the responsibilities of the presidency. It’s time for President Biden to prove that he can lead without the help of cheat sheets.