Yet Another Big Disagreement And This Time, It’s About Energy

Oklahoma leaders are fighting against discriminatory practices targeting the state’s energy producers. The Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance (OEPA) and State Treasurer Todd Russ are joining forces to withhold state funds from institutions that discriminate against oil, gas, and agriculture businesses.

They argue that woke policies, such as ESG financing, hinder the growth of these crucial industries. While private companies can adopt ESG policies, critics claim that smaller firms are coerced by Wall Street corporations and the Biden administration.

This pressure has made it increasingly difficult for traditional energy companies to secure capital, while the renewable energy sector continues to receive government subsidies.

Oklahoma’s economy heavily relies on oil and gas, making it vital to resist these woke policies. The OEPA supports Treasurer Russ’s actions and emphasizes the importance of protecting the state’s industries from discrimination.


  1. Oklahoma leaders are united in opposing discrimination against energy producers.
  2. Woke policies, like ESG financing, hinder the growth of vital industries in the state.
  3. Smaller firms are coerced into adopting ESG metrics by Wall Street and the Biden administration.
  4. Traditional energy companies face challenges accessing capital, while renewable energy receives government subsidies.
  5. Oklahoma’s economy heavily relies on oil and gas, necessitating resistance against woke policies.

It is encouraging to see leaders in Oklahoma taking a firm stand against discriminatory practices that harm the state’s energy producers. By pushing back against woke policies like ESG financing, they are protecting vital industries and ensuring fair access to financing for businesses.

The pressure from Wall Street corporations and the Biden administration must be resisted to safeguard the interests of Oklahoma and its hardworking residents. It is crucial to support leaders like Treasurer Todd Russ in their commitment to defending the state’s economy and preventing federal overreach.

Discrimination against traditional energy companies not only threatens jobs and economic growth but also poses risks to energy security and the well-being of all Americans.

Source Fox News