You WON’T Believe the CHILLING Scream Aimed at Kamala on The Late Show

As the 2024 election campaign nears, many Americans are concerned about the prospect of another term with Kamala Harris as Vice President.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Harris tried to address rumors about being replaced as Joe Biden’s running mate, saying that she would run with him if he chose to run.

However, her nervous laughter suggested uncertainty. During the interview, Harris likened her White House experience to the satirical TV show “Veep,” indicating that her time as Vice President has been far from smooth. She also shared an amusing story about accidentally filling her office with smoke.

Outside the show, protesters showed their dissatisfaction with Harris’s vice presidency by chanting “lock her up!”

It seems that while Biden may consider keeping Harris as his VP, the public has other ideas.