You Won’t Believe This Recent Turn Of Events In The White House

According to the New York Times, President Biden’s age has become a topic of concern within the Democratic Party. Officials and aides adjust his schedule to ensure he gets sufficient rest and try to leave him alone on weekends.

A dinner gathering of former Democratic senators and governors from Biden’s generation unanimously concluded that he is too old for re-election. The president’s limited access to the press and observations of subtle changes in his demeanor raise further questions about his age.


  1. Concerns about Biden’s age are prominent among prominent Democrats and even local leaders who inquire about his health.
  2. His aides and advisors limit his press interactions to avoid potential major mistakes.
  3. Observations of subtle changes in his behavior, such as relying on support when sitting down and reduced energy levels, raise concerns.
  4. A majority of registered voters, including independents and some Democrats, consider Biden too old for another term.
  5. The White House maintains that Biden’s age has not necessitated major schedule changes.

The concerns over President Biden’s age should not be taken lightly. As the New York Times report highlights, even members of his own party are questioning his fitness for re-election.

The limited access to the press and noticeable changes in his demeanor raises legitimate doubts about his ability to effectively lead.

Furthermore, the Quinnipiac poll’s findings, indicating that a significant portion of voters across the political spectrum view him as too old, underscore the impact of these concerns on the upcoming 2024 election.

While the White House downplays the significance of Biden’s age, it is clear that his advisors recognize it as a liability. This cautionary approach to his safety reflects the understanding that the president’s age could compromise his ability to serve.

As Republicans, it is crucial for us to objectively assess the potential consequences of having an aging president. We must advocate for a leader who can meet the demands and challenges of the highest office, regardless of party affiliation. The upcoming election will be a defining moment for our nation, and the age issue must be part of the conversation when considering the future of our country.

Source Fox News