You WON’T Believe Who’s Eyeing the White House Next

Fox News host Tucker Carlson cast doubts on President Joe Biden’s intention to run for another term. Carlson pointed out a recent interview where Biden said he plans on running, but they’re not prepared to announce it yet.

He noted that Biden can barely speak words and believes that no one, other than his wife, thinks it’s a good idea for him to run because he’ll be 82 by the next inauguration.

According to Carlson, the Democratic Party needs to replace Biden with someone who embodies their highest values, like a trans-black woman with a background in corporate H.R. or a Latinx drag queen with purple hair and lots of face piercings.

However, Carlson believes that the Democrats will never nominate someone they say they support. Instead, he thinks they will nominate another straight white man who loves big banks, someone even oilier and faker than Joe Biden.