You Won’t BELIEVE Who’s Turning Their Back on American Railroaders

In a recent development, a railroad worker, Alec Lace, has accused the Biden administration of leaving American railroaders behind at home. The worker slammed the White House for prioritizing infrastructure projects overseas instead of investing in domestic infrastructure projects.

Lace accused President Biden of turning his back on the railroad workers by rejecting the package that would have given them seven days of sick pay. The worker also expressed his dissatisfaction with the slow pace of technological innovation within the American railroad system.

The White House officials met with Saudi Arabian leaders over the weekend to discuss a railway project that would strengthen trade ties between the Middle East, India, and the rest of the world. However, Lace reiterated that investing in domestic infrastructure projects should be the priority before expanding overseas.

Lace warned that the president has made a lot of enemies within the industry by failing to prioritize the needs of the American railroaders. The worker suggested that this could be a turning point for the railroaders to vote Republican or even refrain from voting at all.

It’s time for the Biden administration to take responsibility for ignoring American railroaders and invest in domestic infrastructure projects. The American people deserve better.

Source Fox News