You’ll Be Shocked To Know how Trump changed the course of the Ukraine invasion.

Former President Donald Trump’s recent revelation about his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin has shed light on his successful diplomatic efforts to prevent the invasion of Ukraine. Through strategic communication and personal relationships, Trump effectively deterred Putin from taking aggressive action during his presidency.

Trump’s strong relationship with Putin played a crucial role in their discussion about the conflict in Ukraine. In an exclusive interview with Fox News’ “Special Report,” Trump emphasized their bond, stating, “I have a very good relationship with Putin. Although we haven’t spoken in a while, our connection was strong.” This foundation of trust and respect laid the groundwork for a frank and impactful conversation.

During their exchange, Trump issued a clear warning to Putin, outlining the catastrophic consequences and severe repercussions that an invasion would entail. His unwavering stance and determination resonated with Putin, dissuading him from proceeding with the invasion during Trump’s tenure.

Trump firmly believed that if he were still the president, Putin would not have taken the step to invade Ukraine. “He wouldn’t have done it if it were me. He did it after I left,” Trump asserted. This statement underscores the influence of his diplomatic efforts in maintaining peace and stability.

While Putin initially expressed doubts about Trump’s resolve, the former president’s strong will and firm position left an indelible impression. Trump recalled their conversation, stating, “I told him I was going to do something. He said, ‘No, no, no, you will not do that.’ I said, ‘I will, Vladimir, I will do it. I’m going to do it.'” This unwavering commitment and clear communication ultimately convinced Putin to reconsider his plans.

Trump acknowledged that Putin may have only believed a fraction of what he said, estimating it to be around 10%. However, he argued that even that small percentage was sufficient to dissuade the invasion. Trump emphasized, “It was only after I left [office] that you started hearing about this.” This revelation highlights the impact of his diplomatic efforts and the potential consequences of a different approach.

Regarding Ukraine’s status as a separate country from Russia, Trump affirmed its independence. While acknowledging their shared history, he pointed out that Putin had favored a unified approach. This understanding of Putin’s perspective allowed Trump to navigate the delicate balance of diplomacy effectively.

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, Trump’s revelation about his diplomatic success offers valuable insights into the importance of strategic communication and personal relationships in international affairs. His ability to convey his intentions and concerns directly to Putin showcases the significance of strong leadership and assertive diplomacy.

Critics may question the long-term effectiveness of Trump’s methods or the complexities of the conflict. Nevertheless, his achievements in deterring the invasion and maintaining stability should be acknowledged as part of his legacy in foreign policy.

Source Fox News