You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Predicted 2024 Presidential Face-off

Orlando, Florida – In a stunning announcement on Wednesday night, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared his bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, setting the stage for an exciting race ahead. As the crowd roared with anticipation, another prominent Republican figure, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, expressed his conviction that Donald Trump is destined to secure the nomination.

During an interview with Fox News Digital at the National Religious Broadcasters convention, Senator Hawley confidently declared, “I just think that Trump is going to be the nominee and Biden’s going to be the nominee of the other party.” It was a bold statement that resonated with the fervent crowd of GOP supporters.

Hawley also expressed his unwavering support for Trump, stating, “Litigation and lawsuits are not hurting former President Trump. Actually, I think the opposite. I think he’s just consolidated his support.” The senator dismissed the ongoing legal challenges faced by the former president, calling them a futile attempt to undermine his influence.

Moreover, Hawley criticized President Biden’s policies, particularly his approach to China. He argued that Biden’s actions have led to an unhealthy dependency on China, resulting in the weakening of America’s economic standing. “Joe Biden has made us dependent on China. He’s made China rich. He’s made America poor,” Hawley passionately exclaimed, highlighting the detrimental consequences of Biden’s decisions.

The senator also raised concerns about declining wages for blue-collar workers, struggling families, and the surging drug crisis in the country. Hawley emphasized the urgent need for the next president, regardless of party affiliation, to prioritize strengthening America and tackling issues such as border security and crime.

As the interview progressed, Hawley expressed his frustration with the current administration’s handling of religious liberty and the conscience of the nation. He condemned their disregard for the fundamental rights of Americans and vowed to continue fighting for the principles and values cherished by the people of his state.

In conclusion, Senator Hawley’s remarks during this interview echoed the sentiments of passionate Republican voters across the nation. With Trump’s nomination deemed inevitable by Hawley, the GOP is poised for an exciting and spirited race in 2024. The senator’s unwavering support for Trump and his commitment to defending American values further solidify his position as a staunch conservative leader.

Stay tuned for more updates on the GOP presidential nomination race as it unfolds.

Source Fox News