You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Unlikely Game Changer In Politics

In a recent piece published by the New York Post, opinion writer Michael Goodwin raised an important concern about Vice President Kamala Harris and her potential ascent to the presidency. Goodwin argues that Harris is just a step away from taking the reins of power if President Biden were to step down.

Critics have voiced their worries over the prospect of a Harris presidency, citing her frequent word salads and consistently low approval ratings.

According to a mid-May Monmouth poll, Harris’ approval rating stood at a meager 37%. Furthermore, an April Fox News poll found that only 43% of voters approve of her job performance.

On “The Big Weekend Show” on Fox News, host Tom Shillue highlighted the predicament Democrats find themselves in with Harris as the vice president.

“Nobody could have seen this coming because we knew that voters didn’t really like Kamala Harris too much,” Shillue noted. Despite her lack of popularity, she was chosen as Biden’s running mate, and her performance in office has only worsened since then.

Shillue went on to explain the shift in Harris’ communication style, saying, “Originally, she talked to children like she was talking to children. Then she started talking to adults the way that she talks to children. So I don’t know what she’s doing, but I don’t know that her presidency would be much different from Joe Biden’s.”

Anita Vogel, a co-host on the show, acknowledged Harris’ impressive resume but raised concerns about her public appearances. “She is an accomplished person.

Right? She has a law degree from UC Hastings. I mean, the woman has an amazing resume,” Vogel said. However, she questioned why Harris seemed to struggle when facing the cameras and addressing the public.

Mollie Hemingway, another co-host, found it interesting that despite Harris’ long list of accomplishments, she seems to be failing in her current role. Hemingway remarked, “It’s very much a skin-deep situation. But Democrats are in a conundrum because they really can’t get rid of her.

That would be something that would anger a portion of their electorate that they need. But she’s not helping out the ticket in any way. The one thing she does help is Joe Biden. Nobody wants Joe Biden to leave office so long as she is the next option.”

As Harris’ approval ratings remain low and her communication style raises doubts, it becomes increasingly important for Republican voters to be aware of the potential consequences of a Harris presidency.

With Biden’s age and health concerns, the nation must consider the possibility of a Harris administration and what it might mean for the country. It is a critical time for Republicans to stand united and ensure that their voices are heard in the face of uncertain leadership.

Source Fox News