You’ll Be Shocked To Know What DeSantis Just Said

In an electrifying conference call with journalists last night, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a rising star within the Republican Party, finally addressed the topic on everyone’s mind: former President Donald Trump. While DeSantis had remained somewhat reluctant to discuss the GOP front-runner in previous interviews, his candid remarks shed light on the undeniable impact Trump continues to have on American politics.

During the call, DeSantis confidently asserted, “Obviously Trump would turn out Democrats because that’s their reflex.” He then proceeded to highlight his own ability to win over some Democrats in his resounding re-election victory last fall. It was a stunning display of his cross-party appeal and strategic political prowess.

When pressed on the subject of Trump’s popularity among Republican voters, DeSantis expressed little surprise. “I would be shocked if the former president wasn’t leading,” he proclaimed, acknowledging Trump’s enduring name recognition and global influence. It’s undeniable that Trump has left an indelible mark on the political landscape, and DeSantis understands the significance of that legacy.

While some have raised concerns about party unity if DeSantis were to defeat Trump, the governor brushed off those worries, stating, “You struggle to come back together after primaries… It’s not like I’m taking positions that are going to alienate people.” He recognizes the challenges of post-primary unity but remains confident in his ability to bridge any gaps within the party.

Nevertheless, DeSantis is aware that certain cultural victories he achieved in Florida may not resonate as strongly in other parts of the country. For example, restrictions on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy may face opposition in more liberal states. Nonetheless, he emphasizes the early stage of the contest, suggesting that the average Republican primary voter is not yet fixated on specific candidates.

As DeSantis continues to garner attention, some critics have questioned his relationship with Trump. However, the governor insists that Trump’s attacks on him have actually been beneficial, creating helpful contrasts. DeSantis has been unafraid to differentiate himself, highlighting his opposition to an omnibus spending bill pushed by the former president, which added $8 trillion to the national debt over four years. Additionally, DeSantis proudly stood against an amnesty bill endorsed by Trump, showcasing his commitment to conservative immigration policies.

While the prospect of DeSantis challenging Trump more openly in the future remains uncertain, the governor acknowledges the limitations on his time and energy during the Florida legislative session. “I didn’t have the ability to fight all these battles,” he explained, recognizing the formidable pressures he faced as the primary target of corporate media.

Governor Ron DeSantis has undoubtedly emerged as a formidable contender within the Republican Party. With his unique ability to win over Democrats and his unwavering commitment to conservative values, DeSantis presents a compelling case for the GOP’s future. As the race unfolds, one thing is clear: he recognizes the impact of former President Trump and the importance of navigating the complex dynamics within the Republican Party.

Source Fox News