You’ll NEVER Guess the Amount This Church Was Fined

Another day, another example of the left’s assault on our religious freedoms. This time, it’s Calvary Chapel in California, who has been hit with a $1.2 million fine for holding religious services and not enforcing mask mandates.

The Democrat-appointed judge, Evette D. Pennypacker, who oversaw this case, went as far as to ridicule the church for their decision to exercise their First Amendment rights. This is a clear indication of the government’s hostility towards religion, and it’s something that we cannot ignore.

We must continue to speak out against these oppressive mandates and fight for our right to worship without government interference. It’s time for us to remind our elected officials that they work for us and that we will not tolerate any infringement on our constitutional rights.

Let us keep Calvary Chapel in our prayers as they face this unjust fine, and let us stand together in defense of our religious freedoms.