You’ll NEVER Guess the Connection Between an IRS Whistleblower and a President

Republican Representative Tim Burchett recently spoke to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo about the potential impeachment of President Joe Biden. Burchett cited information from an IRS whistleblower who has come forward seeking protection to testify. According to Burchett, the information the whistleblower provided could lead to the impeachment of Biden.

Burchett also spoke about the letter signed by 51 former intelligence chiefs who claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop had the earmarks of Russian disinformation. However, Burchett claims that former acting CIA Director Michael Morell testified to the House Judiciary Committee that he concocted the letter to help Joe Biden win the 2020 election.

Furthermore, Burchett claims that the evidence shows that illegal money from Chinese communists is flowing into the White House via Hunter Biden and his lawyers. He believes that if this evidence reaches Biden, impeachment is inevitable.

The attorney for the IRS agent who claims to have proof that an important investigation is being mishandled has spoken out. According to the attorney, his client has information that contradicts testimony from a “senior, politically-appointed official of the Department of Justice.” Although the attorney could not verify that the investigation was the Hunter Biden investigation, sources have informed Fox News and other news organizations that it was.

Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark, has claimed that the agent Lytle is representing committed a “felony … to improperly disclose information about an ongoing tax investigation.” Lytle told Fox News anchor Bret Baier that his client wrestled with the decision to come forward to Congress.

In conclusion, the potential impeachment of Joe Biden may be on the horizon due to the information provided by the IRS whistleblower, which contradicts testimony from a senior official of the Department of Justice. If the evidence reaches Biden, it could lead to his impeachment.