You’ll NEVER Guess The New NAMES Being Floated To Replace Biden 2024

Democratic leaders publicly support Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential election, however, a Politico article claims that some “high-level Democrats” only back him because they fear the nomination of Kamala Harris and the re-election of Donald Trump.

At the National Governor’s Association meeting, some members questioned Biden’s ability to run for the presidency again.

The article suggests that Democrats could consider a more viable ticket by looking to past superstars such as Michelle Obama, past candidates who have previously won the Democratic nomination, or candidates that generated public support but ultimately fell short.

The article recognizes the challenges these candidates may face explaining why the party moved away from Biden or Harris. The only candidate currently challenging Biden is Marianne Williamson, who also ran in 2020.


High-level Democrats fear a Biden-less ticket with Kamala Harris would lead to the re-election of Donald Trump. Some members question Biden’s ability to run for the presidency again.

Democrats could consider past superstars or previous candidates for the nomination to create a more viable ticket.

The hypothetical candidates fail to address concerns about having a younger president. Democrats would have to explain why they moved away from Biden or Harris if they choose a different candidate.


The Politico article raises concerns about Joe Biden’s ability to run for the presidency again and highlights the fearsome high-level Democrats have about the potential of a Kamala Harris and Donald Trump rematch.

While the article proposes various hypothetical candidates, it fails to address the fact that these candidates have their own challenges, including age or failed previous bids for the nomination.

The article points to a general unease among some members of the Democratic party and the need for strategic thinking about the future.

The party needs to focus on building a new platform and bringing forward new ideas to keep voters engaged, rather than just replacing Biden or Harris.

While it’s natural for parties to look at other options, the focus should be on creating a strong ticket and a compelling vision for the future, rather than just replacing the current president.