You’ll Never Guess What’s Happening In This Congressman’s District

The Biden administration’s mishandling of the southern border crisis has become a growing concern for our national security. Recently, Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas expressed alarm over the situation, highlighting the fact that over 10,000 people have illegally crossed the border in just two days.

As the Trump-era Title 42 policy is set to expire, the number of illegal crossings is expected to increase significantly. Border Patrol facilities are already operating well beyond their capacity, prompting the release of migrants onto city streets if there is insufficient space in NGOs and border communities.

This is a dangerous situation that demands immediate attention. Border Patrol facilities are stretched thin, and releasing migrants onto city streets will only exacerbate the strain on our local resources. Additionally, the termination of Title 42 sends the wrong message to potential migrants, encouraging more illegal border crossings.

Rep. Cuellar estimates that around 150,000 migrants from Mexico border states are planning to illegally cross into the United States once the policy is lifted. This influx, coupled with the absence of consequences for illegal entry, creates a magnet effect that draws even more people to consider unlawful migration.

Source Fox News