You’ll NEVER Guess Where Harris Is Partying While Workers Flee in Despair

In a move that has left many in disbelief, Vice President Kamala Harris chose Martha’s Vineyard as the location for her recent “grassroots fundraiser.” But this wasn’t just any event. To get a moment with the VP, attendees had to shell out as much as $10,000. This, at a time when the island is witnessing a mass exodus of its working class and Native Wampanoag population due to skyrocketing living costs.

The island, known for its tranquil beauty, is undergoing a transformation. With real estate prices soaring, the average home sale price on the island touched a whopping $2.1 million in the first half of 2023. Such prices have made it unaffordable for many of its residents.

Alan Dershowitz, a long-time resident, pointed out the glaring disparity, stating, “I guarantee you not one working-class Democrat (was) invited to the Kamala event.” It’s a stark reminder of the growing divide between the elites and everyday Americans.

As Harris and the elites continue with their extravagant gatherings, the island’s original inhabitants are left with no choice but to leave. It’s a tale of two worlds, and the contrast couldn’t be starker.

Source Fox news