You’ll NEVER Guess Which Democratic Party Stars Are at Each OTHER’S Throats

As a conservative opinion writer, I am watching with interest as the Democratic Party faces internal conflicts, which could have a significant impact on their future. Recently, the feud between Vice President Kamala Harris and Senator Elizabeth Warren has erupted, and it appears that Harris is ignoring Warren’s phone calls.

Ana Navarro, a co-host on “The View,” expressed her frustration with the Democratic Party and encouraged them to get behind their nominee, Joe Biden, and his running mate, Kamala Harris. However, the recent feud between Harris and Warren could harm the Democrats’ chances of winning in 2024.

Warren has called Harris twice to apologize for her comments, but the vice president has not returned her calls. The lack of communication between two high-profile Democrats is concerning and could affect the party’s unity going forward.

Furthermore, reports from several news outlets have revealed that Democrats are frustrated with Harris’ performance as vice president. Some have even suggested that her weakness as vice president will be “one of the most hard-hitting arguments against Biden.”

As Republicans, we must pay close attention to the Democrats’ internal conflicts, but we must also focus on our party’s goals. We need to stand behind our Republican candidates, such as Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, and push our conservative values forward. We must not let the Democrats win and show our support and loyalty to our candidates.

In conclusion, the Democrats’ internal conflicts could have a significant impact on their future. As Republicans, we must focus on our party’s goals and show our support for our candidates.

While the Democrats’ internal conflicts might be entertaining, we must remember that our goal is to win and push our conservative values forward. Let us work together to achieve this.