You’ll NEVER Guess Which Presidential Relative Is Stirring The Pot

Recent reports have surfaced that Hunter Biden’s legal battles are causing tensions between him and President Joe Biden’s aides. The younger Biden has taken a more combative approach in his legal defense by hiring new lawyer Abbe Lowell without consulting his father’s legal advisors.

This move has raised concerns among White House officials who worry that Hunter’s legal decisions could cause headaches for the administration, especially if he pushes past the guardrails set up by the president’s advisors. Hunter is currently facing multiple investigations, including allegations of tax fraud, illegally purchasing a firearm, and business corruption.

Hunter’s team has also reportedly been moving towards creating a legal defense fund, which has caused concerns among high-level Democrats. Former Justice Department spokesman Anthony Coley warned that for the fund to work, it must be transparent and restrictive, prohibiting foreign citizens and registered lobbyists from contributing. Without these guardrails, the fund could become a legitimate headache for the White House.

The hiring of Abbe Lowell has also caused drama among those involved in Hunter Biden’s legal matters. Longtime Biden lawyer Bob Bauer, who had recommended Hunter’s previous lawyer, had no role in Lowell’s hiring and was simply informed that Lowell was being brought on board.

While no final decision has been made on the creation of a legal defense fund, it’s important to note that Hunter Biden is reportedly millions of dollars in legal debt. With all these legal battles on the horizon, it remains to be seen how this will impact the Biden administration and the Democratic Party.

Source Fox News