You’ll NEVER Guess Which Public Figures Are Being Mocked On Air

President Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign announcement has garnered criticism from podcast host Joe Rogan and comedian Dave Smith for using Vice President Kamala Harris as a human shield to protect himself.

Despite negative polls and plummeting approval ratings, Biden announced his decision to run for re-election, stating that he and Harris will “finish the job.”

CNN anchor John King noted that Biden faces a giant challenge, with 74% of Americans believing the country is headed in the wrong direction. Rogan and Smith expressed their surprise at Biden’s decision to run again, speculating that the president kept Harris as his vice president to insulate himself from risks. Rogan compared the move to headlining comics who bring terrible openers, calling it a “kind of a b**** move.”

The two comedians also ridiculed Harris’ public speaking skills, with Rogan mocking her infamous word salads. Smith pointed out that Biden chose Harris as his running mate despite her being unqualified for the job.

He also expressed disbelief at Biden and Harris’ public performances, questioning if it was all an act to sound as dumb as possible.

Rogan emphasized that powerful and influential roles must be merit-based, not just based on representation. He warned that unqualified people in such roles would not be able to handle the pressure, and such positions should not be handed out just to fill quotas.

Source Fox News