You’ll NEVER Guess Who Keeps Attacking Biden, Not A Likely Suspect

Passionate Republican voters have been keeping a close eye on the latest news about President Joe Biden’s potential reelection campaign. Recent reports suggest that there is concern among Democrats about Biden’s age and mental fitness, and some are calling for a primary challenge to his candidacy.

The Atlantic’s Mark Leibovich argued that a “refreshing nuisance” of a primary challenger would anger many Democrats, but it would give voters a choice other than the oldest president in history.

Leibovich suggested that a prominent Democrat such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Gavin Newsom could challenge Biden in the primary.

The idea is to provide Democrats with a “choice” and “freedom” to “vote for someone other than the oldest president in history.” The potential challenger would receive a “ton of press coverage” from the establishment media, which has soured on Biden since the deadly Afghan withdrawal.

It’s no secret that Biden’s delayed announcement about his reelection campaign has caused concern among some Democrats. Politico has reported that there is “awkward deep-freeze” across the party, with potential presidential aspirants and major donors strategizing and developing a Plan B. Biden’s indecision has also led to frustration and concern among his supporters, who worry about his ability to win reelection and lead the party to victory.

According to polling, only 37% of Democrats want him to launch a second bid, down from 52% before the 2022 midterm elections. Moreover, 57% of Americans doubt Biden’s mental fitness to serve, while 43% said he is mentally fit. Notably, 66% of independents had doubts. These numbers have led some Democrats to worry about the risk of a Biden candidacy, despite their public support for him.

Despite these concerns, first lady Jill Biden has attempted to calm the media’s fears by stating that Joe Biden is going to run for a second term, and only a determined place and time remain outstanding.

She has asked, “How many times does he have to say it for you to believe it?” Biden’s team has also said that he has not made a final decision, but he has publicly told the country that he intends to run.

Passionate Republican voters may view the potential primary challenge as a sign of weakness among Democrats and an opportunity for the GOP to win back the White House in 2024.

The primary challenge would create division within the party and allow Republicans to capitalize on Biden’s declining popularity. It would also demonstrate that the Democratic Party is not united behind its current leader, which could hurt their chances in the general election.

In conclusion, the potential primary challenge to President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign has created concern and division within the Democratic Party.

Passionate Republican voters may view this as an opportunity to win back the White House in 2024. As the race heats up, it’s important for voters to pay close attention to the news and stay informed about the candidates and their platforms.