You’ll Never Guess Who’s at the Heart of a New Media Frenzy

The New York Times recently published an article on President Joe Biden’s age, attempting to portray him as sharp and fit despite his numerous mishaps and gaffes. However, the biased coverage received criticism for downplaying these concerns. The article’s attempt to justify Biden’s repetitive phrases and fact-challenged stories was seen as overlooking the impact on his credibility.


  1. The New York Times biased coverage raises questions about their commitment to objective journalism.
  2. The article fails to address legitimate concerns about President Biden’s age and cognitive abilities.
  3. The Democratic National Committee’s decision not to hold any 2024 debates further raises doubts about Biden’s ability to effectively communicate and debate his policies.
  4. Judge Jeanine Pirro highlighted how world leaders perceive Biden as a joke, undermining America’s reputation on the international stage.
  5. The media should prioritize transparency and hold Biden accountable for his actions, regardless of political affiliation.

The biased coverage in The New York Times article is deeply concerning. It is crucial for the media to provide unbiased reporting and hold the president accountable for his actions.

The American people deserve transparency and accurate information to make informed decisions. It is time for the media to prioritize journalistic integrity and provide a fair assessment of President Biden’s performance.

Source Fox News