You’ll NEVER Guess Who’s Mocking the NBA’s ‘Wanky’ Moves

Famed coach Phil Jackson has spoken out against the infusion of political activism in professional basketball, stating that the NBA’s promotion of “BLM” slogans during the 2020 “bubble” year caused him to lose interest in the sport.

According to Jackson, the league’s attempt to appeal to a particular audience ultimately backfired, alienating viewers who wanted to enjoy the game without being bombarded by political messages.

Jackson, a Hall-of-Fame coach, commented that he “doesn’t like basketball’s evolution” and no longer watches the games. LeBron James, a major proponent of political activism in the NBA, has been a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump.

However, Jackson’s stance appears to be more in line with NBA icon Michael Jordan, who famously remarked, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.” Both Jordan and Jackson seem to agree that sports should not be a platform for politics.