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The survey showed that 50% of Democrats believe that the US is giving the right amount of aid to Ukraine, while 46% of Republicans believe that the US is giving too much aid.

Meanwhile, 35% of respondents believe that the US has done the right amount to aid Ukraine, while 31% think that the US has given too much aid, and 21% think it has given too little aid.

When asked about the Biden administration’s handling of Chinese spy balloons and three unidentified flying objects, 44% of respondents believed that the administration is not taking enough action, 35% believe that they are taking the right amount of action, and 8% believe that they are taking too much action, with 12% being unsure or having no opinion.


* President Biden’s job approval rating remains steady at 44%, while his disapproval has increased from 48% to 50%.
* Democratic voters increasingly believe that Biden should be the party’s nominee for the 2024 election, rising from 58% to 71% since the previous Emerson poll in January.
* Donald Trump remains the favored candidate in the 2024 Republican Primary with a consistent 55% of the vote.
* Ron DeSantis has experienced a decline in support, dropping from 29% to 25% in the past month.
* President Biden trails former President Trump in a hypothetical 2024 Presidential match-up, 42% to 46%.


The Emerson College poll reveals some interesting insights into the state of American politics, particularly regarding the upcoming 2024 Presidential election.

While President Biden’s approval ratings remain steady, the survey shows an increase in support for him among Democratic voters, indicating that he remains a strong candidate for the party’s nomination in 2024.

However, the survey also highlights the continued popularity of Donald Trump among Republican voters, with him remaining the favored candidate in the Republican Primary.

The decline in support for Ron DeSantis is also noteworthy, indicating that his popularity may be waning among Republican voters. Meanwhile, former Vice President Mike Pence and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley have both seen an increase in support, suggesting that they may be potential challengers to Trump in the Republican Primary.

Overall, the survey shows that the 2024 Presidential election is likely to be a closely contested and highly polarized race, with both parties rallying around their respective candidates.

The results also suggest that Trump remains a significant force in American politics, with his continued popularity among Republican voters indicating that he may continue to play a prominent role in the party for years to come.