Another Biden Decision Sparks Debate, You’ll Never GUESS Who

President Biden has once again shown weakness in his leadership by declining the U.K.’s invitation to attend King Charles III’s coronation this weekend. Despite the fact that no sitting U.S. president has ever attended the coronation of a British monarch, former President Trump argued that this move was a snub from Biden.

While King Charles III extended a “special invitation” for a state visit, Biden’s decision not to attend the coronation is still seen as disrespectful to our closest allies. Instead, first lady Jill Biden will represent the U.S. at the coronation.

This decision by Biden is not fitting of a president who should represent our country proudly and show our allies the respect they deserve. We need a leader who will uphold American values and make us proud on the world stage. Let’s hope that in the future, we will have a president who will be strong and respected by our allies.

Source Fox News