Biden’s Age Gets a Hilarious Defense from This Politician, GUESS Which One

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to defend President Joe Biden against age-related concerns by pointing out that he is younger than her.

However, social media users criticized her argument, as both Pelosi and Biden are in their 80s.

Critics argue that the main concern is not Biden’s age, but his perceived cognitive decline.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), a former White House physician, has openly questioned Biden’s mental fitness.


Pelosi’s age argument for Biden was met with criticism. The age difference between Pelosi and Biden is not significant. Concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities persist. Social media users pointed out Pelosi’s own signs of aging.

Rep. Ronny Jackson has been vocal about Biden’s mental fitness.


Pelosi’s attempt to defend President Biden against age-related concerns was largely unsuccessful.

It appears that her comments have only served to fuel the ongoing debate surrounding Biden’s cognitive abilities.

As critics continue to question his mental fitness, it seems that this issue will not be resolved any time soon.