Biden’s Insane MISUSE of Taxpayer Money, What They Aren’t Telling You About This Political DISASTER

Republican Senators, including Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Joni Ernst, have written a letter to Assistant Secretary Dalton, revealing their concerns over the Department of Defense’s (DoD) decision to pay private landowners to store border wall materials.

These materials were procured under President Trump’s administration but now lie unused in southern Arizona and New Mexico, costing taxpayers $130,000 per day.

The Senators argue that the funds should be used to strengthen national security instead of being wasted on daily storage charges. They are requesting the DoD provide internal correspondence regarding this decision, a list of individuals and entities being paid for land use, and an explanation of the contracting process.

This letter adds to the ongoing pressure on the Biden administration to address the border security issue and use the available resources to safeguard the nation.