Democrats’ Master Plan: A Surprising Twist in the Works

A recent poll conducted by Suffolk University/USA Today has brought to light a concerning trend among Democratic Biden voters. The majority of these voters, approximately 86%, have expressed comfort with the idea of Vice President Kamala Harris assuming the presidency if President Biden is unable to fulfill his duties. While this may seem like a harmless preference, it has raised legitimate concerns about the motivations behind Biden’s re-election campaign and the potential long-term implications for our nation.

Critics argue that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has devised a strategy to ensure Biden’s re-election and subsequently orchestrate his resignation or step aside to make way for Harris to become an unelected president. This move, according to former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, would give Harris the advantage and power of incumbency, setting her up to run in 2028. This tactic raises questions about the DNC’s commitment to a fair and democratic process.

Furthermore, doubts have been cast on Harris’s qualifications to assume the role of president. Gabbard, among others, asserts that Harris is untested and unelected, making her a puppet of the Democrat establishment. Critics argue that selecting a candidate based on identity politics rather than competence undermines the integrity of our democratic system and can lead to disastrous consequences.

The concerns about Harris’s readiness to lead are not limited to Republican voters. Even Democratic pollster Doug Schoen expresses reservations, citing her low approval ratings. He questions whether Harris is truly capable of governing effectively, a sentiment echoed by a significant portion of the electorate.

These concerns are not unfounded, as polls indicate a significant drop in Harris’s approval ratings among likely voters. Her overall approval remains at a meager 37%, indicating that a substantial portion of the American public is skeptical of her ability to lead the nation.

It is essential for voters to carefully consider the implications of having an unqualified and unelected leader in the highest office. The future of our country depends on informed decisions made by the electorate, who must evaluate the qualifications, competence, and readiness of candidates before casting their votes.

In conclusion, the poll results revealing Democratic voters’ comfort with Kamala Harris assuming the presidency have raised legitimate concerns about the motivations behind Biden’s re-election campaign and the potential consequences for our nation. The prospect of an unqualified and unelected leader undermines the democratic process and raises questions about the integrity of our system. The American people deserve leaders who are capable, competent, and prepared to address the challenges facing our country. It is crucial for voters to critically evaluate the qualifications and readiness of candidates before making their decision in the upcoming elections.

Source Fox News