Energy Secretary Speaks Out: Goodbye To This Essential

The Biden administration’s latest move to ban incandescent and halogen light bulbs is a prime example of liberal overreach. Instead of allowing the free market to thrive and consumers to make their own choices, the government is stepping in to dictate what light bulbs we can use.

This heavy-handed regulation not only limits our options but also harms lower-income Americans who may find LED bulbs more expensive and less accessible. The DOE’s claims of cost savings and emissions reduction are dubious at best, as they rely on speculative estimates rather than concrete evidence.

As passionate Republican voters, we believe in individual freedom, limited government, and free markets. It is our duty to resist this government overreach and support our representatives in their fight for energy independence and against excessive regulations.

Let us stand united in defense of our values and against the liberal assault on our light bulbs and household appliances. Together, we can protect our freedom of choice and ensure that government interference does not erode the foundation of our prosperous society.

Source Fox News